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About Curbside Sharpening

With over 30 years of sharpening experience Curbside Sharpening is an industry leader in the shear sharpening, hair clippers sharpening and pet grooming clipper sharpening for barbers, stylists and pet groomers. The owner, David Simons, graduated from Foley Bel Saw School and is a highly skilled professional Shear & Clipper Technician who can handle your sharpening & conditioning needs.

Curbside Sharpening is a small business helping other small business like yours by providing high quality sharpening services so you can provide your clients with a better hair cut.

Sharpening Your Shears and Hairdressing Scissor

The shear is the primary tool of any stylist or barber, which is why it is so important your shears work well and cut smooth. At Curbside Sharpening we specialize in shear sharpening and reconditioning to bring your shears back to factory specs so you can provide a high quality hair cut for your clients.

The most important part of a great haircut is not tearing the hair with dull scissors which can cause the hair to frizz and spike. When cutting hair with sharp shears the hair lies down and stays in place. Over time when cutting dirty hair and is full of hair product, your shears can become dull very quickly. This is why it is important to continually have your shears sharpened and conditioned so you can provide your clients a quality haircut.

With our experience and knowledge we understand the different metals used by manufactures when they create shears. This is important when sharpening shears to ensure the best practices are used to protect the metal and to make them sharp. Also, we ensure to buff and polish the shears to ensure it has a razor sharp finish.

Hair Clipper Sharpening

The hair clipper is a great tool for barbers and stylist to help make the hair cut faster, meet the style needs of the client and used to improve quality. Curbside Sharpening offers high quality hair clipper sharpening and conditioning to me your needs.

As you use the clipper the blades become dull which causes your clippers to work harder to get through the hair, which leads to your heating up quicker. This puts your clipper through excessive wear and tear, which leads to your clippers not lasting as long. You can save yourself money by not having to replace your clippers as frequently by having your blades sharpened and your clippers conditioned.

After a while of using your clippers the spring tension starts changing along with the blade socket that leads to the movement of the blade to not be as effective or efficient as it once was. This leads to having to go through the same hair over and over to ensure you are cutting your clients hair that takes up more of your clients time and yours.

Pet Grooming Clipper Sharpening

The worst thing a pet groomer can experience is when they injure someone’s pet because their pet grooming clippers are not maintained and the blades are dull. Jan Simons, one of the owners of Curbside Sharpening, use to own her own pet grooming business and knows the key to providing a good cut is through having sharp clipper blades and a well conditioned clipper.

The following will happen when you do not have sharpened blades and conditioned clippers.

  • Your clippers will not be able to cut through the fur and may get stuck
  • Your clippers will leave tracks in the fur which looks unprofessional
  • Your clippers will overheat quickly and may burn a pet where the skin is exposed or where the hair is short

Also, what could happen when your pet grooming clippers are not sharpened or conditioned is they could snag the pets hair in their paws which could lead to accidentally cutting the animal. This is a terrible situation because the animal is hurt, you feel bad and it could lead to going to the vet. It is important for the safety of the animal to have the best working clippers with sharp blades.

How It Works: Sharpening By Mail

Our national Sharpen by Mail service is a great option for barbers, stylist, veterinarians and pet groomers who are not located in a town currently being serviced through our Sharpen at Curbside option. Many of our clients use our Sharpen by Mail option and have found it is very easy and convenient.

The Sharpen by mail option is also a great option for those who need their equipment sharpened before the next time we will be in your neighborhood if you normally use the Sharpen at Curbside option. To use the Sharpen by Mail option you first fill out the order form and print it our so you can include it with your equipment and payment when you mail it to Curbside Sharpening. Second fill out our contact form so we know you want to send use your equipment through the mail. We will then contact you and let you know when it is the best time to mail your equipment so you are not waiting a long time.

After receiving your equipment we will sharpen and perform any conditioning needed to improve your equipments performance. Once we are done we will mail it back to you as soon as possible so you can continue to provide your clients with great haircuts.
Take the following steps to use our Sharpen by Mail service.

Step 1: Print out the following document, fill it out and include with your equipment when you mail it to Curbside Sharpening. The document will also help you establish the cost so you can include your payment with your package.

Step 2: Fill out the following contact form to let us know you are planning to send us your equipment for our high quality sharpening and conditioning.

Step 3: We will contact you to let you know when to send your equipment by mail to minimize your wait time.

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